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New audio business raises awareness of important issues

Emma Casson, radio graduate turned entrepreneur has set up her own audio business called “Your Stories”.

With few jobs in the North East for radio, Emma believes that an audio business is ‘a great way to get everyone’s voice heard’ as she thinks ‘every one has a story to tell’. After studying the Radio MA at the University of Sunderland, Emma fell in love with telling stories.

For Emma, a story is something that might help or inspire others or a particular issue that someone may be passionate about.

Emma’s new business “Your Stories” focuses on real people’s stories in the form of an audio documentary.

“I love hearing people’s voices light up when they are passionate about their story. The fact that I can help others through my business is invaluable.”

Emma casson, founder of ‘YOUR STORIES’.

Alice’s story: It’s Not Your Fault

Last year, Emma created a three part documentary to raise awareness about the issues surrounding stalking. You can listen more about Emma’s important previous work here:

Emma won best student documentary at the New York Festival Awards in 2018 for her three part documentary “It’s Not Your Fault” that focused on stalking as a result of the murder of Alice Ruggles in 2016.

Emma said:

“Seeing Alice’s story reach audiences around the world and make a difference to people’s lives is really important. You’re not just creating radio, you’re creating audio that can change lives when people listen.”

Emma’s business offers a range of different listening styles, from audio documentaries to podcasts. You can view more about her new platform “Your Stories” here:

Emma’s new business was also the focus of Sunderland Stories #5, the show can be listened again here:

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