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Yoga business launches in Sunderland

Claire Lormor talked to SOS about her plans for her new yoga business “Wellness Space”.

After travelling across Australia, Vietnam and Canada, Claire completed her yoga teacher training course and applied her knowledge from travelling to various existing yoga projects in the local area.

After saving money from a part time job, she chose to buy a studio in Sunderland and launched ‘Wellness Space’ two months ago.

Claire says:

“The community feel here is insane. Sunderland will improve if people put back into the community. I feel it’s up to this generation, people in their 20s and 30s to do something about this city.

“It is really affordable to have your own business in the city and there is so many opportunities here that I couldn’t recommend more to people wanting to open their own business in Sunderland.”

Claire Lormor, founder of Wellness Space.

Claire believes that even though mental health is a topical issue in today’s society many people still don’t want to openly talk about their own mental health and says:

“Many people use the studio to improve their physical health but also to improve their wellbeing and to devote spare time to themselves.

“As a yoga teacher, I don’t judge the reasons why people come to the yoga classes. I want to create an environment where everyone gets the same benefits, whether it is physically and mentally.”

Claire Lormor.

Claire has also launched the Wellness Festival in Sunderland. The Bonded Warehouse are hosting the event on the 14th July. The day includes five 45 minute physical classes, such as: gentle and power yoga, pilates, a strength and conditioning class and sound therapy. There is also the option to attend five 45 minute talks on sleep, stress, innate health, intuitive eating and the misconceptions of exercise.

You can listen to Claire talk more about her inspirational business and the Wellness Festival here:

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