Sunderland Stories

Why do you love Sunderland?

For the first instalment of Sunderland Stories, SOS asked the people of Sunderland why they loved the city so much?

It’s my second home really. I love how the people here have made me feel welcome and at home. I also love the cosiness of the place. I enjoy living here, it’s beautiful.


Sunderland is such a vibrant city and will always be my home away from home. Sunderland resonates with me because it was my first taste of city life and my first sense of freedom and independence while I was at university. It is a multicultural, football centric and passionate city which welcomes you with open arms.

James Pywell, former media student at the University of Sunderland.

Sunderland is full of amazing people. People have an unparalleled ‘never-say-die’ attitude to life. It’s a family football club that involves almost every family in the City. It’s on the up and can only get better. And it’s my home. I LOVE IT.

Stevie burnikell, avid sunderland fan and presenter of speak up sunderland.

In the last few years, I’ve come to love those after-work sunsets over the Wearmouth bridge. I’ll treasure the heart and the humour of the students I’ve worked with at the university and the warmth and the pride of the local people. To put it simply, it’s my home from home now.”

Neil Pringle, Sunderland journalist and 2018/19 mediahub intern.


This Summer, SOS are planning to feature content that links to Sunderland, Durham, Seaham and Newcastle. These articles will be part of the #SunderlandStories series and will all be linked by the beautiful views and sights of the nearby towns and cities.

Photo credits: Katie Baggott, @davelowephoto (Unsplash).

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