Unify at university: Katy’s story #ActivistsforAction

Katy Simpson, founder of the “Invisible Disorders and Disabilities’ society (IDD) at the University of Sunderland gives support to students who have an invisible disability or condition. Katy’s society welcomes all university students, regardless of whether their disability can be seen or not.

Katy lives with a rare genetic obesity disorder, called Proopiomelanocortin deficiency disorder. This means that her body can’t control weight normally. This puts pressure on Katy’s back and leg nerves, but she is learning to live with her ‘disorder’ through adopting a positive mindset.

Katy studies sociology at the University of Sunderland | Photo credit: Katy Simpson.

Katy said:

“After experiencing discrimination and feelings of isolation, I founded this society with my friend as part of the ‘Your Societies’ programme at the students union (SU).

“I find talking about issues in a group helps to create a more positive place at university where like-minded students can talk openly about issues that affect them on a daily basis.

“Personally I don’t feel as socially excluded or isolated when I am around others who share the same experiences as me.

“The university’s SU have been really supportive with my decision to start this society and I feel more positive from doing so.”

Katy Simpson.
Invisible Disorders and Disabilities society logo | Photo credit: Society facebook page.

More can be heard from Katy below – click to listen more:

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