#SocialStigmaStories: Equality is the best therapy for mental health

“Launchpad”, a mental health organisation based in Newcastle allows people to have a voice in how they want mental health services to run. They fill in the wider gaps in secondary care services and have set up self help groups that cover issues such as: anger management, depression and borderline personality disorder.

Launchpad logo | Photo credit: Alisdair Cameron.

Alisdair Cameron, director of Launchpad believes that there is a ‘reluctance’ to face up to social determines of mental health; such as: poverty, poor housing, debt and job security and states that “inequalities are a major determine in poor mental health problems.”

He also stresses that a lot of commitment, time and resources are needed to tackle structural stigma against mental health and says:

“I believe that mental health is talked about a lot but does it serve any great purpose? Government and politicians keep saying that mental health stigma is bad and our response is…”What are you going to do about it?”

Alisdair Cameron, director of Launchpad.

Alisdair also thinks some aspects of mental health in the media are portrayed more than others and comments:

“The boundaries of social stigma have shifted but they are not yet erased. Those with complex mental issues feel doubly excluded because they are not being represented as much as people with ‘normal’ mental issues.”

Alisdair Cameron of Launchpad.

Equality = the answer to the inequality within society.

Alisdair firmly believes that if people and campaigners are solely determined to face up the the governments consequences of social inequality, then equality within smaller organisations is the best line of therapy.

You can listen more to Alasdair’s story over on our podcast:

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