University wellbeing team unite to create awareness of mental health #ActivistsforAction

Student minds and wellbeing services unite at University of Sunderland Students’ Union ‘Whats on Your Mind’ event.

A new student mental health network was set up by the government after university mental health day on March 7, in order to help students manage the challenges of every day university life.

Following this recent news, SOS were inspired to speak to the University of Sunderland’s students union (SU) wellbeing team about their student volunteering opportunities and mental health advice and support.

Lydia Hayman (wellbeing intern), Mandi Purvis (wellbeing President) and Vicki White (student wellbeing senior officer).
Photo credit: University of Sunderland Students Union and Ellen Rea.

“The SU offers a buddying system, free social and training opportunities where students can develop their confidence and wellbeing.

“We are hoping to develop our project, “Look after your mate”, with the mental health charity ‘StudentMinds’.”

Vicki White, student support officer.

Wellbeing president of the SU, Mandi Purvis aims to develop more policies and campaigns that include more student voice:

“We launched Bede’s Bakehouse near St Peters’ church as part of Time to Talk Day on February 7. It is a monthly ‘community cafe’ which allows students to meet new friends and talk.

The SU also specialises in inclusive social activities; which helps to enhance wellbeing and shared experience.”

Mandi Purvis, University of Sunderland’s wellbeing president

A month after Time to Talk Day, the SU and 2nd year event management students launched a free live event on March 7 called ‘What’s on your mind’.

This event highlighted the importance of live music boosting mental health and featured talks from Washington Mind and IfUCareShare.

The University of Sunderland’s head of wellbeing also supports the SU’s events and says:

“Our role is to support students through difficult times and to provide the tools, resources and techniques to help students manage life’s ups and downs”.

You can listen to an interview the SU here:

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